Br. Mutasim Allan
Br. Mutasim was born and raised in the heart of Dallas, Texas. He is the youngest son of the late Ahmed Allan and Ms. Nawal Isa. Br. Mutasim has been the mentee of Imam Qutaibah J. Abbasi for many years. As such, he has become very fond of his faith and works his hardest to serve Allah, the Masjid, and Islam in any capacity that he is able to. Br. Mutasim enjoys befriending and mentoring children of all ages, helping them to see things from the right perspective, and encouraging them to make the right choices. In his free time, he listens to and learns from all sorts of Islamic lectures, travels to Makkah and Medina regularly for Umrah, and tries to be as helpful to his Muslim brothers and sisters as much as he can. You can catch Br. Mutasim around DeSoto House of Peace helping to manage and maintain the facility and all our programs!