[21] Additionally, Stirling Gallacher appears in a recurring capacity as Ffion Morgan, a police officer. Their win was announced on 14 April 2022. Casualty The Straw Cast & Stars. [14] He wanted to lead a focus on creating "Saturday night entertainment drama", drawing from the show's position in the schedule. Jason Durr features as David Hide, a senior staff nurse, and Amanda Henderson appears as staff nurse Robyn Miller. Stevie misses a head injury and he dies in Resus. William Beck. Loretta Preece continues her role as series producer, while Deborah Sathe acts as the senior executive producer. Everyone here is so genuinely friendly and its a very exciting environment to work in. The opening episode features Marshall's son in the guest role of Rudi, a patient in the ED. Meet Paige! After six years on the show, the time has come for the actor to hang up the scrubs. A pregnant woman discovers her boyfriend has constructed a gender reveal cannon, only for it to explode when she lights it. Ethan is hallucinating Cal and struggling to look after Bodhi. ", "17 huge Casualty spoilers and teasers for 2021 from show boss Loretta Preece", "Casualty launches groundbreaking new scheme for frontline medical workers", "Casualty announces winners of writing contest for frontline medical workers", "Casualty kills off TWO characters in series finale - here's what happens next", "Yes peeps we are back for a special one off episode set in 2016 when I would have been alive!!! He tries to get Tony to confess on a live stream but Dave is accidentally shot during a struggle and dies in the ambulance. [53] Kriss Dosanjh and Shobu Kapoor reprised their recurring roles as Rash's father, Ashok Masum, and his partner, Mona Nadkarni. [3] His first episode aired on 11 June 2022. [25] Charles Venn stars as Jacob Masters, a charge nurse. Jan and Teddy are called out to a woman with learning difficulties who lives at a remote property: It transpires a friend of hers has set up a cannabis farm on the property and she wants rid of him. [1] Cast members William Beck and Elinor Lawless confirmed that the show would return to transmission in November 2022,[11] and episode 9 will air on 19 November, six weeks after the last episode. Following his appointment, Sen decided to alter the format of the show, removing the accidents that bring patients to the ED and instead having patients arrive injured. ", He continued: "Ive forged firm friendships, learnt to pronounce Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty & had my squeamishness thoroughly challenged! A flamboyant Paige, played by Shalisha James-Davis, will first be . "[14] Sen wanted the new format to establish "serial drama in terms of hooks and long-term story". The friend knocks out Teddy and tries to drive off with him but Jan forces him to flee on foot, after which she and Teddy learn they have both accidentally been eating hash brownies. Casualty's Leon Cook departed from the show in May 2021 after failing to secure a full-time position. Casualty episode, summary and details on how to watch tonights (May 1 2023), and this weeks episode, previous and upcoming Casualty episodes. [87] The show was also nominated for the Best Soap/Continuing Drama award at the 2023 Broadcast Awards. However, the show did not comment on this. [41] In a January 2023 interview with Thomas Lewis of the Daily Post, Jones' mother confirmed that Jones would appear in two more episodes. [35] Dainty (Digital Spy) confirmed in December 2021 that Jones would appear again during the following month. Stevie treats a jogger with an ankle injury. Sah is the first non-binary regular character to appear in Casualty and Smethurst hoped that the representation would provide "a source of awareness for those who have never met someone like [them]". Kyle stabs Rayan in the back, not realising until later that he's his former foster brother. Dylan Keogh jumps to conclusions this week that may result in a patient losing custody of her unborn baby. [17] Ethan's story begins in the opening episode, following the death of Fenisha, who was his fiance. Faith is in a panic after Luka is picked up from football training by a stranger, with Stevie trying to get to the bottom of what happened, while Sah is confused by an encounter with an old friend having an angina attack. Next Saturday I return to @BBCCasualtywith a big secret! When we went back after the COVID episode, I'd worked 73 out of 80 days. Wolfblood actor Bobby Lockwood only joined the show earlier this year in the role of Leon, and the door is expected to be left open for his return one day. [15] It continues the exploration of his Huntington's disease diagnosis and how he copes as a newly-single father. Played by Derek Thompson. [39] Sen called the new nursing characters "a breath of fresh air" and hoped the audience would like them. Their first shout seems them treat a drug addict who has overdosed, with Teddy chasing him after he steals his phone and narrowly avoiding a needle-stick injury. The actress said at the time: I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the wonderful cast of Casualty. [25] Shalisha James-Davis plays Paige Allcott, an F1 doctor,[19] and Elinor Lawless stars as consultant Stevie Nash. [13] Show bosses developed the scheme as part of a new innovative to maintain the accuracy of the show's storylines. [2], The thirty-sixth series of Casualty features a cast of characters working for the NHS within the emergency department of Holby City Hospital and the Holby Ambulance Service. With William Beck, Shalisha James-Davis, Elinor Lawless, Jason Durr. [25] Suzanne Packer reprised her role as nurse Tess Bateman in the series. [89] Phillips also noted how the serial mirrored the NHS by highlighting "the impact relentless pressure is having on NHS employees". Dave is now dying of lung cancer, probably from smoking, and blames Tony for the death of his son from a severe asthma attack. [2] Winsor and Dale last appeared in series 31, while Marshall departed in the previous series. Not reported in the weekly top 50 programmes. "[1] She thought that 2022 (series 36 and 37) was "one of the most turbulent years in its 36-year history", which worried her. Tina beats Jacob after seeing him chatting to a flirtatious patient but he later proposes to her. "I was tired and really needed to rest," she told Digital Spy. "Two Tribes" was set to air on 16 October 2021 as episode 8 but was pulled from the schedule due to the death of. Ffion and her colleague Mike investigate, followed by Jan and Sah. [7] She concluded, "Strap yourselves in! The new batch of nursing recruits will be seen on our screens from this April. [33] Jackie Knowles reprises her role as Rosalene Hide, David's former wife, following a brief appearance in series 36. The soapaired its final episode in the Spring of 2022, with the BBC saying at the time that it had made the decision to axe the drama to "make room for new opportunities". [38] The role was created with Harman in mind; the actor found the decision to accept "easy" based on other actors' experiences on the serial. [14] Scenes in episode 19 suggested an impending departure for Robyn (Henderson), as observed by Grace Morris of What to Watch and Hannah Bird of Digital Spy. [12][10], In September 2021, the serial, in collaboration with BBC Writersroom, launched a writing scheme asking frontline medical workers to create part of a script focusing on a consultant's "day from hell in the ED". I was very tired and so I have been enjoying catching up on sleep. [5] Preece told Sophie Dainty of Digital Spy that this was challenging as the show works on "close contact medicine, stunts and emotional exchanges", which was hard to film while adhering to physical distancing measures. The BBC1 medical drama is making way for the Proms, Mason is eager to make a good impression - but his day doesn't go to plan, A deadly blast at a local market challenges the ED staff. Dylan tries to help Paula win over Adi after she has a fall, while Stevie and Paige meet an older woman having a baby for her daughter.Dylan tries to help Paula win over Adi after she has a fall, while Stevie and Paige meet an older woman having a baby for her daughter.Dylan tries to help Paula win over Adi after she has a fall, while Stevie and Paige meet an older woman having a baby for her daughter. . It's all about babies in tonight's Casualty, as we once again meet the character of Paula Kettering (Rosie Jones). On TV tonight, Casualty focuses on some budding friendships, Magpie Murders offers up even more mysteries for ahead of next week's series finale, Sky Documentaries checks out one of history's most shocking flight hijacks in Hijacked: Flight 73, and Channel 5 looks back at the relationship between King Charles III and Camilla, Queen Consort ahead of the coronation. Paige Allcott. Britain's Got Talent audience member shares secret of Noodle the cat's audition, EastEnders legend teases return to BBC soap just months after explosive exit, I'm A Celeb's Helen Flanagan ditches bra in sexy leather outfit on night out, Two campmates are faking it in Im A Celeb, hints Shaun Ryder after eviction, News Group Newspapers Limited in England No. Starting in January 2023, he opted to split the series into 12 episode groups with a single story strand running through. The show regularly uses makeup-created injuries, such as cuts and bruises, but this was stopped due to the new protection measures. Its really exciting. The The Straw episode of Casualty is all new! [12] Due to the protocols enforced, cast were required to apply their own makeup with verbal support from the makeup artists. Jacobs had previously portrayed the character for 13 years on spin-off series Holby City until its cancellation, and had also previously guest starred on Casualty on multiple occasions. "Casualty what does the future really hold? [12], The series was promoted through a trailer released to the show's social media accounts. The decision stems from a desire to adapt against other dramas and content available, as well as modernising the Casualty brand. Original cast member Derek Thompson appears as Charlie Fairhead, a senior charge nurse and emergency nurse practitioner. Gordon Peaston and Alex Childs continue their guest role as Kevin Brockner and Jools Brockner, Sah's parents, in the series;[7] they appear in episode six. A close encounter (Picture: BBC) There's danger for Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) in tonight's Casualty, which starts when she goes on a night out with . Elinor made her debut on the soap as it celebrated its 35th anniversary with a special episode. [2] Episode one also features appearances from Lollie McKenzie and Paul Popplewell who reprise their respective roles as Natalia Malinovsky, Lev and Faith's daughter, and Paul Pegg, Robyn's love interest, from the previous series. This service is provided on News Group Newspapers' Limited's Standard Terms and Conditions in accordance with our Privacy & Cookie Policy. Matthew sees an injured girl, Farrah, be chased and then taken away in a car. Sue Haasler Saturday 22 Jan 2022 8:00 am. [12][10] Oates and Preece agreed that often, stunts were easier to arrange than swapping props, due to the time and money involved in them. Fresh new look, redesigned programme hub, richer content, Try 12 issues for 1 today - never miss an issue. "It's very similar to Connie in a way she needed to spend more time with Grace and I needed to take some time out of work too.". April 20, 2023 2:12 pm (Updated April 27, 2023 4:30 pm) In . A predator approaches Luka, who's been left on his own after a mix-up (Pictures: BBC) There's a nightmare ahead for Faith (Kirsty Mitchell) in tonight . Show bosses have insisted that Connie will return to the soap one day, but there's no official word yet. [7] She opined that the audience had to "face hard truths in a very powerful and brutal way". [11] Green screens were also used to make actors appear closer together than they were allowed to be. She made her final appearance in episode seven. [1] It was produced by BBC Studios. Scroll down to read more about and watch the Screwdriver episode of Casualty! David Hide (Jason Durr) takes a focus as his mental health is explored following the death of his son, Oliver Hide (Harry Collett). The series focuses on the professional and personal lives of medical and ancillary staff at the emergency department (ED) of . Michael added: He is in a much, much better place. Holby City Hospital has two new staffers on board. [3] On-location sites used for series 37 include Dyfrid Street, Barry Island and Adamsdown Square, Cardiff. [11] Since the drama is set in a hospital, characters used personal protective equipment (PPE) as part of their costume. [39] Barney Walsh was cast as "accident prone" Cameron who is billed as "a perpetually terrified fish out of water". The actor played Sacha for 12 years before the show was given the axe in March, and has appeared in the same role inCasualtybefore. In September 2022, it was announced that Nigel Harman has joined the cast of Casualty for a new storyline. [16], Since its debut in 1986, Casualty has maintained a consistent format, which continues into this series. Published: 12:01 am, 5 October 2021. [39] Eddie-Joe Robinson will debut as "ambitious and glory-hungry" Ryan, who struggles with the difference between school and working in the ED. Sue Haasler Saturday 19 Feb 2022 8:00 am. November 6, 2022. You can unsubscribe at any time. George Rainsford, who plays Ethan, hasconfirmed that he is leaving the show on social media after weeks of speculation. [22] As part of Rash's new story exploring gang violence, Zainab Hasan joined the guest cast in episode six as Hafsa Kazimi, a gang leader who shares a backstory with Rash. Charlie Fairhead. [14] Bacchus, Griffiths and Griffiths all expressed their joy at working with the show's writing team on an episode. Iain returned to the soap in a much better place than when he left. Natascha McElhone stars. [25] Amanda Henderson and Shaheen Jafargholi both appear as staff nurses Robyn Miller and Marty Kirkby, respectively. Heres to new adventures (hopefully with less blood & guts).". A minibus carrying a group of deaf people on an outing crashes. With a Bullet Season 37 Episode 28 Information. Faith Cadogan has a wild night out with Stevie Nash and meets new junior doctor Paige Allcott along the way! (Image credit: ITV) There are glorious Italian seascapes, plenty of 1920s glamour, as well as an English family embarking on a brave overseas adventure in BritBox's new series, which bears some similarities to the sunny escapism of ITV's The . [14], Casualty celebrates thirty-five years since its first episode on 6 September 2021 and producers marked the milestone with a feature-length opening episode. He commented, "I hope his charm and zest are qualities viewers can enjoy. New executive producer Chris Clenshaw will take over in January 2022. [3] Jon Sen continues his role as executive producer, having been appointed late in the previous series. David Hide. In Casualty episode 'She's My Baby' (BBC1, 9.30pm, Saturday, Jan. 15 2022 - See our TV Guide for listings) Dylan Keogh vows to help Paula Kettering fight to keep her baby. Series producer Loretta Preece leaves the role after three years. The younger officer chases him into the garden and tasers him, claiming he threatened him with a kitchen knife. My spare time is also taken up with directing and making short films for my production company. The medical drama is back and will feature a COVID-19 storyline. [18], The decision to change the show's format stemmed from Sen wanting to adapt against "the level of competition from other channels and the proliferation of content". On-location filming often occurs in Cardiff and other areas of southern Wales. Stockpile them tissues", "Casualty star Harry Collett reveals why Ollie took part in horror school shooting", "Casualty star George Rainsford teases Fenisha's return in special episode", "Holby City legend Fletch swaps to Casualty after show axe", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Casualty_(series_36)&oldid=1152127736, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License 3.0. [25], Bajaj exited the series in episode 8 at the conclusion of his character's story. [14] Sen admitted to being worried about suggesting the episode to the cast, but was pleased when they were responsive and "threw themselves in with both feet". [19] Actor George Rainsford confirmed that his character Ethan Hardy would feature in a new story during the series, amid rumours circulating surrounding his exit. Elsewhere, the ED team are . [13], Three medics-turned-writers were selected from the entries as winners of the competition: Samantha Bacchus, and writing duo Laura Griffiths and Chris Griffiths. Tonight (Saturday 22 April 2023), BBC One broadcasts an episode of the series Casualty! A man, Dave, drives into a secure housing area with a gun. She makes another attempt two days later after the mental health care team were unable to find her a place in hospital locally. [39] Chell described Jodie as a "joy to play" and looked forward to her exploring her further. Tonight (Saturday 4 March 2023), BBC One broadcasts an episode of the series Casualty! [14] The cast had not been required to improvise for their work "for a while" but adapted to the challenge. Pictures are from my last night with the crew in summer 2022. The story begins when Stevie is attacked by a patient. Be ready for some big, juicy episodes this summer. Not reported in the weekly top 15 programmes for four-screen viewer ratings. Speaking to Digital Spy about his return in 2021, Michael explained: "When the producers got in contact and stuck to their word by asking me to come back, it was a no brainer. The actor made his debut as new doctor Matthew back in May 2021. [1] The first double billing of the series contained episodes 3 and 4, both broadcast on 3 September 2022. Teddy asks to be partnered with Jan for the day. The series focuses on the professional and personal lives of medical and ancillary staff at the emergency department (ED) of the fictional Holby City Hospital. Last modified February 28, 2023, Your email address will not be published. [33][34] Comedian Rosie Jones reprised her role as patient Paula Kettering in episode 13. This concept was first mentioned in November 2022. [28] Three months later, Rainsford confirmed his departure. Posting a photo of himself on Instagram, he wrote: "After 6 yrs playing the wonderfully complex #NurseDavidHide @bbccasualtyofficial Ive hung up my scrubs. A woman threatens to report them and the son accidentally shoots her with a crossbow. (series devised by) (27 episodes, 2019-2023) Jeremy Brock . [14] In the show's new format, each series is split into "discrete mini-series" of 12 episodes. All Rights Reserved. "Casualty" On the Edge (TV Episode 2022) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Set over a five day period. Elike is. [39] The actress expressed her joy at joining the drama. [31] Sophie Stone reprised her role as Susie Ashby, the biological mother of Jade, in episode five as part of Jade's departure storyline. Producer Mat McHale confirmed that the difference would not be noticeable on-screen. [2] The series has been marred by scheduling conflicts, which resulted in weeks without episodes and other weeks with double billings. Shalisha James-Davis. [14] Bacchus worked as a nurse on the front line of the NHS for over 15 years before becoming a full time novelist. Ganiat Kasumu. Lawless described her character as "a force to be reckoned with", while Preece called her "charismatic, contemporary, compelling and on occasion very unsettling". Elinor Lawless. [25] Milo Clarke stars as Teddy Gowan, a paramedic, and Jason Durr features as David Hide, the department's clinical nurse manager. Save my name . [14] Each mini-series contains one main story arc running throughout with a handful of smaller stories "weaved in subtly". [25] Additionally, four actors appear in a recurring capacity: Raj Bajaj(social worker Adi Kapadia), Stirling Gallacher (Ffion Morgan, a police officer), Paul Popplewell (receptionist Paul Pegg) and Adam Sina (management consultant Marcus Fidel). Ethan learns she has a brain tumour and wants to die at home but the tumour is now leaking. Louise Tyler 382 Episodes 2022. Stevie Nash is certainly a force to be reckoned with and looks set to ruffle a few feathers in the Holby ED.. World's Funniest Animals "Episode 307" S3E7 December 3 2022 on CW. [1] Dainty accredited the show's decline to scheduling disruption and "a palpable lack of publicity". [57], Casualty won the 2022 Rose d'Or award in the Soap or Telenova category,[86] after beating ten other international nominees. On the Edge: Directed by Paul Riordan. Drama series about the staff and patients at Holby City Hospital's emergency department. Four of the show's main cast opted to leave their respective roles during the series, with one regular character killed-off. Menu. [47] Barrie reprised the role for episodes 22 and 23. Preece expressed her excitement about the anniversary celebrations and described it as a "smorgasbord to offer both new and old fans of Casualty". [2] Rainsford said that filming this series was his "busiest time on the show" and teased "some big, juicy episodes". On the story, Preece commented, "Their marriage is certainly pushed to its limits. [15] A trailer was released on 9 February 2023 to promote new episodes of the series. Updated: 6:00 pm, 5 October 2021. Airdate: 8:25 PM Saturday 29 April 2023 on BBC One, Your email address will not be published. "I . The actor announced he was taking an extended break from the role back in 2019 as Ians long-running mental health story came to an end and the troubled paramedic tried to take his own life. [12] Additionally, to film kissing scenes, the show hired the partners of the actors to be body doubles. This page is not available in other languages. Jon Sen breaks down the making of Casualty's paramedic special. He teased that it would "be fun and keep the audience on their toes". [90] Television magazine What's on TV listed the opening episode in its television highlights of the week. [21] Popplewell also appears in episode ten. In September 2022, it was announced that Nigel Harman has joined the cast of Casualty for a new storyline. Michael Stevenson reprised his role as Iain Dean in the popular medical drama in April 2021 after a year and a half away. TV Shows. [19] She appears in the second episode of the series. [1] Examining the show's ratings, the reporter noted that viewing figures of series 37 were down approximately 400,000 viewers compared to series 36 episodes broadcast at the same time. This move shifted focus to how patients were treated and their lives inside the hospital, rather than how they became injured. To inquire about a licence to reproduce material, visit our Syndication site. Browse our new catalogue to inspire you with homeware, gardening tools, books and more! The series focuses on the professional and personal lives of medical and ancillary staff at the emergency department (ED) of the fictional Holby City Hospital. But the good news for the show is that it beat Casualtys audience of 5.1 million, Exclusive: Corporation is understood to be giving serious thought to airing more drama in slots traditionally reserved for shiny floor entertainment shows, "Making it seem like you know what you're talking about is challenging," says the actress, Prior to his new ten-date concert tour, the actor and singer talks to David Brown about life in the public eye and what attracts him to the golden age of Hollywood musicals, Don't miss the return of Thunderbirds Are Go, Easter from King's and the live final of The Voice UK, The Blue singer plays a burns patient in tonight's episode - but it turns out he had plenty of real-life drama to deal with, The musical theatre actor joins the cast as a "likeable and popular nurse with a less-than-ordinary background". In September 2022, it was announced that Nigel Harman has joined the cast of Casualty for a new storyline. The soap star will be joining the cast of Casualty as the "charming" Dr Max Cristie. [39] Walsh expressed his joy at working on the drama. Tony Marshall, Charles Dale and Richard Winsor are all reprising their roles for a one-off feature-length special. She's My Baby: Directed by Eric Styles. Sign in to rate and Watchlist for personalized recommendations. Jan, who has been staying with Iain, offers to move back in but Ffion is not ready to forgive her. ", "Casualty wins prestigious Rose d'Or award - beating EastEnders", "Real hospital workers react to Casualty highlighting the NHS crisis", "Casualty brutally highlights NHS struggles in series opener", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Casualty_(series_37)&oldid=1151883551, This page was last edited on 26 April 2023, at 20:59. Appearing from episode 13, their story explores the topic of vascular dementia. Discover more about your favourite BBC Casualty characters. He has definitely changed.. View Charlie Fairhead. [8][9], Casualty normally airs weekly on BBC One on Saturday nights. [13] Sathe expressed her excitement at the scheme and thought it gave medics the opportunity to see the television industry after Casualty has spent years inspiring viewers to join the medical industry. Jon Sen continues his role as the executive producer and Liza Mellody begins her position as series producer. [2], A press release for the series confirmed that Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) and Jacob Masters (Charles Venn) would feature in stories which Preece dubbed "huge [and] heart-breaking". Sen opined that there was "a real live quality" and "an intimacy that's really released from those scenes". [2] On 12 November 2021, it was announced that former story producer Jon Sen would become the show's executive producer from the following month. Car finance with Flow Car -Configure multiple finance quotations in seconds - Manage your application entirely online - Finance a car without receiving unwanted sales calls - Get the best available rate Feed with access to over 380,000+ available vehicles nationwide for you to choose from. Mike recovers and Tony releases a statement confessing. The thirty-seventh series of the British medical drama television series Casualty began airing on BBC One in the United Kingdom on 20 August 2022. Sen pointed out that this reflected the physical and verbal abuse NHS staff face daily. [17] The characters and their casting details were announced on 23 March 2023. [19] He praised the show for "tackling such a deeply-rooted issue" through his character, who he did not deem "aesthetically" vulnerable. [14] He did not want to exclude a fading audience to please long-term viewers and instead wanted to keep that audience through modernising the brand. Learn more about the full cast of Casualty with news, photos, videos and more at TV Guide. Casualty spoilers follow. Menu. ", "Maternal: North Wales actress Aurora Jones, six, plays key role in new ITV drama", "Casualty Spoilers: David Hide is dumped and desperate! He wanted to match other dramas in the way stories were told. "Wednesday's Child" is a feature length episode with a runtime of 75 minutes. Her boyfriend has an asthma attack after accompanying her to hospital and admits he is worried about being a father but the pair talk through their worries. [22] James departed her role as Tina at the conclusion of her storyline. Series 37 marks the return to regular filming protocols after the COVID-19 pandemic. CASUALTY fans are in for a BIG surprise as a Holby City actor is set to reprise their role in the medical drama. [10] The show took a transmission break following the broadcast of episode 8 on 8 October 2022. There are a number of new and returning characters in the BBC medical drama. [1] On 2 August 2021, another trailer was released previewing the opening episode. ", "Casualty viewers shocked as Corrie legend makes surprise appearance in scenes", "Holby City's Sacha Levy to crossover to Casualty next year", "Casualty confirms Holby City crossover as Sacha Levy returns this weekend", "Casualty spoilers for 2023: secrets, heartache and a huge shock arrival", "The Casualty Notebook Mystery can Dylan Keogh crack the sinister case? 21 days fasting and prayer testimonies,

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