Outreach Services

Our center is readily available to present programs to you, your school/college, church/faith group or civil organization about Islam. We hope that our programs about Islam and Muslims will be informative, build understanding, correct misconceptions and promote tolerance and diversity within the community.

We would be happy to speak with you about several types of programs about Islam. A wide variety of program subjects are available, including Islam as it relates to history, political science, social studies, world religions or any other relevant subject headings.

In an attempt to be informative about Islamic religious beliefs and practices, we are also happy to host individuals and groups at our center. Should you be interested in visiting our mosque, please email imam@salamdesoto.org to schedule your visit. We will contact you as soon as possible to work out the details.

In addition, we would appreciate receiving notification of any events in your organization where our participation would be appropriate. Our congregation represents a wide range of diverse regions and cultures in the world and contribute to the wonderful diversity of DeSoto and the surrounding communities.